Time to say good bye

Somehow we all hope that our pets will never be parted from us and if it has to be, we would all prefer to find our friend passed away peacefully curled up in its basket. That does certainly happen.
More often, however, we have to make a conscious decision to say “good bye” when pain and suffering prevent our beloved pet from having the quality of life they deserve.
A lot of people fear this decision, thinking that they may sentence their animal to death, but that is most certainly not the case.
We will discuss euthanasia of your pet only when we do not see any other option to help in any other way and when it becomes necessary to spare your pet any further suffering. Please consider that this decision is a kindness to a friend, a decision wholly against your own wishes and only for the needs of your pet.

When the decision has been made that it is necessary to put your pet to sleep we are happy to come out to your home. Many animals and also many owners are more at ease in their home environment. However, you might also actually prefer to come to the practice. In that case we will find a quiet place at out premises or in our practice garden.

Of course both you and all family members or chosen friends are very welcome to stay with your pet, but there is no obligation to do so.

It is very important to us that your pet passes away quickly and easily, preferably without realising what is actually going on. To achieve this, we will inject a strong anaesthetic drug into the vein or under the skin, your pet will pass away quickly without any distress.

It is actually a good idea to allow other four-legged family members to say good bye to their friend, too. Just briefly sniffing or touching their former companion allows them to accept the situation and often prevents them searching the house for their friend or pining too hart.

What happens afterwards?

You may have the possibility to bury your pet at home in the garden or at a pet cemetery. If that is not an option, than your pet will be collected from our premises or from your home by a specialised pet cremation service. You can choose a simple cremation or several more individual options.

After losing a faithful friend with whom you may have spent many years together there is usually a profound sense of loss and your daily routine is changed. Please allow yourself a period of mourning and do not worry if occasionally you get the impression that your pet is still near you.